Hi, I'm Jane Reeves

I’m an international retreat leader, author and mentor in the sacred arts of loving kindness, connection, and joy.

I teach why and how to retreat in our daily lives, giving ourselves time for rest, reflection, and curiosity.

I’ll help you remember your Radiance, not just on vacations and weekends.
This is my work in the world.

Let Me Be Your Guide

Crafting beautiful moments is a creative joy for me. I have led over 70 retreats in the last thirty years. I have learned so much about life and joy from retreats and world traveling. Connect with me to learn about my transformative teachings and loving kindness mentorship.



Coach, Mentor, Podcast Host, Loving Kindness in Toscana Retreat, 2018

“If you are reading about Jane’s retreats, all I can say is go. Go and be swept up by Italy, by the food, the sun, the belly laughs, the smell of truffle oil. Jane is the embodiment of loving kindness. You will be so well cared for, and your body, heart and spirit will thank you. I am going home forever changed.”


Italy Retreat Guest, 2019

“From beginning to end, I enjoyed each and every moment of the retreat. Fattoria del Colle, an agriturismo Tuscany, Italy, is such a breathtaking place to come for a retreat. The first thing to make an impact were all the vibrant colors. The people there treated us like family. Jane is warm, authentic, and open. Personally, this was the kind of trip I was looking for and needing.”


Master Coach
Peer testimonial

“In a world where the superficial and inauthentic have become the norm, Jane is a deep well of true wisdom. Her integration of years of learning and teaching along with her lived experience and her own journey within means she is a wise, warm and trustworthy guide for anyone interested in exploring what truly matters.”

Let’s Connect

My spiritual practice is Loving Kindness.

It’s my deep calling to share my experiences in Loving Kindness, so that you feel connected and inspired on your journey.