Hi, I’m Jane

I’m the kind of person who runs into a neighbor at the grocery store, and comes home with all kinds of confidential information tucked between the hummus and the oat milk.

Listening without judgement is core to what I do, and people seem to pick up on that even if we’ve just met.

I make them feel safe.

Outside of random retail encounters where I improvise safety between the produce and frozen foods, I’m pretty methodical about setting the tone for any given experience or event.

And I can teach you how to do the same thing for yourself, at the life level.

Set the tone, so to speak, for your work, your relationships, your creative aspirations, and your self.

Hint: That last one is really the first one. It’s where everything starts.

In addition to being a cultivator of transformative safety, I’m also known as:


Mainstream feminist influencers tend to promote empowerment and agency. 

So do I.

The biggest difference is there’s no real shorthand for my work.

Buzzwords are great for marketing and spin. But changing your life is a deep, inside job. 

A lot of it happens in places beyond language, in internal spaces that can be hard to reach. That kind of journey is easier with a guide. It’s what I do. 


Leader, Teacher, Mentor, Yogi

Sometimes I hesitate to identify as wise, or I buffer it with a self-deprecating joke.

Part of this is my sense of humor. (Wisdom isn’t about being serious all the time.) But it’s also because I worry about sounding arrogant.

Maybe you’re wondering why a wise woman would worry about how she sounds. Shouldn’t I be above the opinion of others?

Like so many social-media hot takes, pretending not to care is just that. Pretending.

We’re all a little neurotic in our own ways

But we can still be wildly fierce and strong

We can be gentle and also bold

Assertive and compassionate

Warriors and also vulnerable

All of these things can be true at the same time. It just takes practice. 

I’ve spent my career learning and teaching others how to practice. 

I do this through rituals and disciplines that help me find my way, whether I’m completely off course or just a little lost, maybe a little too self-deprecating, or too attached to external approval. 

There are no shortcuts or silver bullets to deep truths, but once you’ve learned them, it’s easier to get back on track when things go sideways. 

I can help you learn and apply ancient arts to your own life. It would be my honor. 


Yeah, that Prince. The iconic legendary musician. 

It was a long time ago in a little restaurant in Minneapolis.

I’m not saying this encounter gave me magical powers, but I’m not saying it didn’t give me magical powers.  

Are you ready to find your magical powers?


“In a world where the superficial and inauthentic have become the norm, Jane is a deep well of true wisdom.

Her integration of years of learning and teaching along with her lived experience and her own journey within means

she is a wise, warm and trustworthy guide for anyone interested in exploring what truly matters.”

~Lianne Raymond


If it’s not obvious yet, I like to connect with people 1-on-1.

That’s why I offer free 30-minute chats where you can ask me anything. 

  • Got questions about the ancient arts? I’ve got answers.
  • Want some finer details about my upcoming retreat in Italy? Ask away.
  • Not sure you could sit still long enough to meditate? Let’s talk about it. Maybe you’re right! No judgement. 

This is an introduction (not a sales pitch). It’s a safe space for actual questions of your choosing.

Not sure if those jeans make your butt look big? Okay, this may not be my area of expertise, but Wise Women get all kinds of questions. We can go there if that’s where you need to take it.

It’s easy to connect with me.

  1. Use the button below to find a time slot that works with your schedule.  
  2. Decide what you want to ask (or improvise your questions on the spot. It’s your call, literally). 
  3. Open yourself to the possibilities of partnering with a guide and going WITHIN.

Wanna know what happened after that ice cream with Prince? 

I’ll bring the tea.