All This and Something Even Better

Hello dear heart-

Sometimes we need to remember the things in life that dazzle us and give us great pleasure.

And now and then we completely forget about magic. Things that thrill us to the core.

How do we find ourselves in this state?

Maybe we’ve been focusing so hard on what we want or what we perceive others to have that we’re no longer sure what would feel good to us.

Or it’s possible that we’ve been listening to other people’s voices for so long that we can’t even hear our own.

It’s incredibly change making to hear the sound of your own desire.

To know that you’re allowed to dream or ask for wonderful things to happen in your life.

If you’ve lost the pizazz, there is no cause for alarm. The cure is at hand and here’s how it looks:

You go into meditation, you ask for the best thing you can imagine from this moment and then you add the phrase,
“All of this, or 
something even better.”

This is how we tend to our own self love.

The benefits of adding this phrase are two-fold. One, it allows the universe to match your ask, or bring you something even better that you couldn’t have even conceived at the time. And two, it takes away the fear that you aren’t asking for the right things, so you just practice asking and get better and better at it without any pressure.

I’m leaving for Italy May 1st! I’ll be there for 5 weeks. I’ll be hosting 2 retreats and traveling to the beautiful island of Sicily! I plan to share tons of pics and stories.

Meanwhile, I’m thrilled about:
*Walking! I can take walks up to 30 minutes. Whee!
*Buds and Blooms-spring is here. Cherishing the moments.
*Being Present. Life is so so so so fabulous.
*Teaching the monks in Italy. On May 4 I’ll teach a group of monks in Italy. Restorative yoga. Will share more after.

Spring is the perfect time to seed self-love.

Take good care of YOU,

Much love,

PS. Feel free to find some self-love inspiration in my shop where you can find free mudras, meditations and yoga grooves.