All You Need Is Love

Hello dear heart,

I’ve been in Italy for exactly one month and now I’m sitting at a cafe in the Rome airport waiting to fly home. I’m ready.

It’s been a full experience and I just wanted to share something with you today in my slightly raw and awakened state.

I’m feeling deeply moved as I prepare to leave Mama Italy.

As I sit here reflecting and feeling so inspired particularly by my retreat that just ended last night under the Tuscan sky, I am once again struck by the fact that there is much beauty in life.

My group last week was just amazing, truly. Such open hearts. It was hard to say goodbye….

There is so much beauty for us to fill our hearts and lives.

There is so much love that follows beauty. There is plenty of time to soak it all in, if we choose.

So much beauty…

As I say goodbye to Fattoria del Colle at sunrise with songbirds and poppies and salamanders to remind me of the natural world. And the sun. The sun my second heart.

As I drive along the Autrostrada reflecting on all of the experiences, people, places and things I’ve witnessed in Italy this month.

I’m full to the brim.

As the man helps the woman in the wheelchair get to the gate and tenderly cares for her.

As the piano players serenely sits and plays Mozart as we all wait to board.

As the children play with their fierce Italian dads.

As the cafe makers keep making cafe. All. Day. Long.

As the young couple gaze into each others eyes.

As we go into our days with spirit, adventure, sadness, joy, wonderment, reflection and the unknowing.

Once again I remember.

It’s the uncertainties that make it all so beautiful.

We don’t know what each day holds or what the future will bring.

It’s like that for all of humanity.

If we can just stay present we’ll probably be ok.

We can dream, hope, plan and go…..and staying present is our fierce protector.

And loving kindness.

At the end of it all.

Loving kindness.

I’m going home satisfied that I hosted two retreats in May and aside from a few surprises and real people stuff, they went very very well.

This summer will be named my Summer Of Love.

A time to kick back, absorb and get still.

Love to all,