Attention is Love

Attention is Love

This was my new year wish for 2020:

Be Present.  

It may be one of the most overused mantras of the past twenty years but when you break it down it’s quite lovely. It comes down to noticing and especially noticing what’s happening inside my body.
How do I feel right now?
What’s going on with my breathing?
Is my mind racing all over the place?
Can I just come back to right here right now?

Because I know that when I do, I can handle it.
I can handle whatever is right in front of me.

Be Present.

I can practice being present so that when I feel stronger I can make a bigger wish of attending to what’s happening to my loved ones, my pets, my neighbors, the town I live in, the state, the country, the world and the planet. 

Yet if I can’t start at the beginning of presence within myself then I tend to get a little frazzled by noticing everything outside of me. I have to start small and help it expand. Not through forcing or aggression but through quiet presence. Make sense? 

This month we can practice deep self-love by practicing being present. We can learn from our most tender heart what we need from the inside out. Being present is offering our most loving attention.

We’d all like to have a beautiful Valentines Day and one idea is to offer ourselves the 
Attention of Love. 
Because Love is Attention. 

Have you noticed how well it goes when you just sit quietly with a loved one and give each other the gift of your attention? It’s one of the most loving acts there is. 

But first. Our own love for ourselves.

So the instruction is:
We pay attention to our body, and that starts by simply noticing.
We sit down, slow down and pause from within.
We notice our breathing and stay present with it.
We do this for quite awhile from a loving mindset. 
When our confidence grows we expand.
We keep letting it grow outward.
This works really well. 
I promise.