Be Here Now

Be Here Now

Time has new meaning these days and I can hardly believe it’s almost mid August. 

In the midst of it all, I like to remember that finding joy is an ongoing practice, and hearing good news relaxes our nervous system.  

Here’s some good news:

Our bodies are truly a wonder. Pure magic. We can only realize a glimpse of what that means on any given day. Sometimes when my hope feels lost, it helps to just sit down on the ground and remember the miracle of having a human body. 

In yoga we learn that the inhale is our natural defense system and we automatically inhale without thinking. It’s how we respond to what comes at us.

Life usually comes at us through the front body-and we somatically respond by inhaling to protect our heart, lungs, chest and front body. It’s the exhale that doesn’t usually complete itself fully. It needs help. We have to consciously encourage our body and lungs to do the work of the exhale. Fully and with intention. The exhale rids our bodies of unwanted tension or negative energy.

Here’s more good news.

We can all practice exhaling. It’s totally free, we can do it anywhere, anytime and it’s a powerful yet simple way to move into our body space and be present. It feels good to exhale and is a signal that it’s safe for the body to let go.

Letting go is a frequently tossed around term right? The thing is, in order to let go our body needs to be part of the equation. Our body protects us by nature so it will only let go when we give it permission via the exhale. 

Exhaling is also a way to practice being present. It takes effort and attention so it brings us into the body space fully. When we’re present we can handle what’s right in front of us. We don’t have to look back, predict the future or do anything else. We can just be present in the moment. That’s more good news right?

So simple, so elegant and vital to our wellbeing. A good thing to teach the children too:)

A few more good things. 

This summer I joined a mastermind business group. I’ve wanted to forever and it’s made a huge difference in the ways I feel supported in my life and work. There are 8 women in my group from varied backgrounds. We have a singer songwriter from London named Angel, and a surgeon from San Diego. We’re really there for each other.

As a Libra, communication is such a strong element for me. I love connection and deep convos so this feels just right. As a soloprenuer for over two decades, running my own business can get tedious and somewhat lonely. We show up for each other consistently. It reminds me of when I used to be in a running group. You’re running alone, but you’re with others and you’re all there for each other. So powerful. 

Speaking of running.

My leg break injury and two surgeries, one to fix break with hardware and another to remove hardware, is coming up on a two year anniversary. This summer I passed a milestone, feeling stronger and healed so I started running again. Very slow, mindful. More like a light jog. It feels so liberating to have the sweaty jog sweat again.  A little tenderness with torn cartilage area afterward but arnica cream does the trick. Movement is part of my story and without it I tend to stagnate body-mind-spirit. Coming back from a broken bone is no joke. I really feel fortunate about the good news of my healing journey. 

I have a renewed respect for movement since my leg break. It’s no longer a chore or a to-do. It is a privilege.  

Here’s my advice if you’re out of practice due to injury, lack of desire or whatever:

Go slow and don’t compete with yourself. Just do it without mental restrictions. It’s just for YOU.

Do a little a lot. Meaning 10 minutes is better than 0 minutes. No need to get heavy handed about it.

Start tracking and noticing how you feel when you move. Usually you’ll feel better. Usually.

Keep going and consider keeping it to yourself. Sometimes when you start telling others what you’re doing you might get a negative response which may discourage you. It’s your own thing so wait awhile until you get results then share.

The main thing is to just try and see what happens. Be curious about the process. 

My summer has been a slower time of witnessing, being in nature, writing, creating, and renewing my commitment to noticing what feels natural to me.