Brave New World

Brave New World

I’m giving out massive quantities of virtual hugs. Can you feel yours?

It’s a brave new world we’re facing and I’ve never been a teacher of anything during a pandemic.

Like you I’m a bit like a ship lost at sea learning to navigate our new world. We’re writing history in a way none of us could have expected. 

A dear friend says, “Jane we need your leadership and we need you to lead us now more than ever. “

How do I lead when the path is so unclear? What can I teach when the level of uncertainty is at all time high? Who can we trust in our national and world leadership? 

And how can I find my voice when the world is tilting?

Lately I flash back to 18 months ago when I critically injured myself, breaking my leg in Italy and needing to fly home, have surgery to put my leg back together. Suddenly my world crashed, literally in an instant. I was no longer that one who could move freely through my days, go for long walks or run, do any kind of yoga I wanted to, and life live on my terms. I was in a wheelchair not walking for almost 4 months and down for the count. I had to learn new lessons that were uninvited. Pain became a normal part of my days and nights. Sometimes unbearable pain. I spent many hours alone. It was a thrill to go for a car ride. I had to make lists and have people shop for me. I couldn’t really teach or work much. How would I contribute to my families income? I couldn’t see my family, friends and loved ones the way I normally do. I was isolated to a degree. I lost my voice, lost my ability to move and had to just sit down in my life and deal. 

In small ways this time of our global health crisis has shades of 18 months ago for me.  I had to  learn a new reality and there was no guidebook.  

We are leaning into, without choice, a new kind of reality that is uncertain by nature. And even though I’ve been teaching on uncertainty for about 27 years now, this takes it to a whole new level. 

What can we learn, know and do right now to stay present, within our grounding practices, and get through it?

In my view the time for all of what we’ve been practicing for is NOW.
The genuine need for all of the grounding practices and loving kindness meditations has never been stronger. Large quantities of kindness for ourselves, our families and the world. 

We begin at the beginning.
The instructions haven’t changed and are universal.
There isn’t a new method to get here faster.
No hacks available.
In fact you may have to force yourself to practice more than ever.
More than ever it matters that you just sit down and feel your body, breath and emotions.
To simply be with yourself and to feel your feelings.

We are all learning how to befriend all of our mess. We have to because there is nowhere to run or hide. 

The entire planet is all here together now. 

Yesterday I went outside and it was warm enough to lay a blanket on the ground. I was sprawled out on the blanket and closed my eyes for awhile. The sun was shining and warm. I felt sleepy and calm. I noticed that the sky was unusual. The clouds were forming circles and shapes that were round and soft. It looked like a giant hug coming out of the sky, and the sun was perfectly set in the middle, just barely peeking through. I wistfully named  the sun cloud circle of loving kindness. I let myself cry a few good tears which felt comforting.

Comfort is a much needed tool right now. 

Here are a few things I find comforting these days:

101 year old Italian man recovers 

Donating here

Reading this

This beautiful moment

The nature ofĀ practice

Sending my very best to you and your loved ones. 
Stay healthy dearest. 

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