Don’t Put Yoga On Your To Do List

We don’t have to DO yoga, we can let yoga carry us.

What is your first thought when you hear the word yoga?

Go ahead and say it out loud, or write it down. I’ll wait.

Was it:

Ooh, I should do yoga.

I should really get back to yoga.

I should try and make it to a yoga class this week.

Or maybe it was:

I love yoga!


I used to do yoga.


I need some new yoga pants.

Notice especially if the sentence you wrote or the thought you had carries the words “should” or “ought” or any sense of yoga as a task.

Sometimes I think the familiarity of yoga as an exercise choice in our body-obsessed world can keep us from the mystic beauty of what yoga truly is.

Yes, in one sense yoga is a discipline that we do. This is a very small piece of what yoga is, yet we tend to make it the whole.

In a deeper sense, yoga is a practice that carries us.

If we let it.

Yoga is the act of everything being connected. The union of our body, mind and soul.

If we always think of yoga as a one-hour exercise class that we ought to fit into our schedule, we are missing the way yoga can befriend us throughout our whole day. (And our whole life!)

Yoga is the three deep breaths you take in the morning before you get out of bed.

Yoga is greeting the day with sun salutations.

Yoga is a meditation session, whether it’s five minutes or an hour.

Yoga is looking your co-workers in the eyes for a minute longer than natural.

Yoga is noticing the way the air smells when you step outside.

Yoga is stopping to read aloud to a child.

Yoga is tree pose at your desk in the middle of the day to calm your mind before a meeting.

Yoga is observing your body and your emotions.

Yoga is drinking your afternoon tea with all five of your senses.

Yoga is calm curiosity about the people standing in line with you at the store.

Yoga is ending the day a moon salutation.

Yoga is writing out gratitude.

Yoga is savasana.

Yoga is peace of mind before you close your eyes.

Whether you have practiced yoga for a long time or for just a few days, your yoga practice is present with you. It is bringing you the gift of the present moment at any time you tune in to it.

Yes, yoga is moving your body and I’ll be the first to say how I love the way the physical practice makes me feel, but ultimately I am seeking the peace of mind that yoga brings me. I would rather master peace and Loving Kindness than a specific physical pose. The ongoing journey to peace is my yoga practice. And it is with me always.

So, now let me ask you a different question?

Where do you see your yoga practice? Where is it already with you, showing up throughout your day?

Dearheart, leave a comment and tell me.  Show me how yoga is carrying you.