Let’s begin together…

to create a place where you can connect

to the voice of your inner life.

Week One: Lesson One


Releasing what no longer serves you is an act of ferocious compassion.

Welcome to Ferocious Compassion! 

This first week is all about making space so that later you can fill that space with what you love. 

Integrity is living into who you truly are, your true self. You are already whole, dear heart. So wherever you feel a lack of integrity is just where you might be allowing something to take up space in your life that is not serving you anymore. 

Imagine how a mama bear ferociously protects her young. She forces away any threat to their harm, and she fiercely provides what they need. That is the energy that you want to have as you make space for Ferocious Compassion in your life. 

You are the “mama bear” to your own heart. You get to put up the boundaries around your well-being, and you get to be the one who says what you most need. Let that mama bear come forward and hold the space for you as you evolve your commitments and activities into what truly serves your heart.

Journal and Meditation Questions 

We are beginning Ferocious Compassion by letting go of what no longer serves us. 

We have all seen big changes in the world, but what are the changes you see in your own life? What are you seeing that is new? Or maybe you are seeing something that has always been there, but now you see it in a new way? 

Set aside an hour or so  to write down everything that takes up your time…commitments, responsibilities, burdens, relationships. Include things you enjoy and things you dread. Use as much paper as you need to write everything down. Cleaning the toilets. Shopping for groceries. Talking to a loved one on the phone. Work commitments. Looking at Instagram. Watching movies. Reading a book. Having lunch with a friend. List it all. Use a calendar if that helps you remember where you spend your time. You can come back all week long and continue to add things to this list. 

When you write an item down on the list, notice if your heart is saying: “It’s time to release this.” or if you feel your heart saying “I love doing that.” Notice if you feel dread or joy with each item that you write. 

Now take a red pencil or pen and underline anything that you wish you could let go of in red ink. Underline the things that you dread or that you wish you didn’t have to do.  

Now take a different colored pen or pencil. (blue) And circle everything on your list that you find energy-giving. What are the things on your list that give you life? If there is nothing on your list that is life-giving to you, then write down some things you love that you haven’t had time for lately. Then circle them! 

If you can’t think of anything you love, take some time to meditate and ask yourself: What do I love doing? What do I wish that I could do more of? 

Put your list where you can see it all week long so you’re reminded to add to it and to mark things with your colored pencils or pens. 

As you watch your list grow, imagine being the mama bear of your own time. Each time you see your list, imagine a mama bear protecting your day so that you have more of what you love and less of what you dread.

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About Jane

I’m the kind of person who runs into a neighbor at the grocery store, and comes home with all kinds of confidential information tucked between the hummus and the oat milk.

Listening without judgement is core to what I do, and people seem to pick up on that even if we’ve just met.

I make them feel safe.

Outside of random retail encounters where I improvise safety between the produce and frozen foods, I’m pretty methodical about setting the tone for any given experience or event.

And I can teach you how to do the same thing for yourself, at the life level.

Set the tone, so to speak, for your work, your relationships, your creative aspirations, and your self.

Hint: That last one is really the first one. It’s where everything starts.

I have been a master yoga teacher for over 3 decades, a dharma coach and meditation guide for just as many, and I have led over 70 retreats across the United States and Italy. I am the author of A Heart of Gold, a book full of Lessons on the Path to Loving Kindness, which we will utilize as we dive ferociously into this course!