Dear heart,

Does it feel a little like the world is upside down right now?

Maybe if we shift our perspective, we will see that it is actually in the process of turning right side up. 

Who knows? Certainly not me.

But what I do know is that when we let what is happening in the world come inside of us and take our peace for too long, we can lose our way back to our center. 

Back to our beautiful selves.

I want to give you permission to stop operating out of a constantly activated state. 

Your poor nervous system was not built to remain on high alert. 

And your soul prefers acting over reacting. Nonviolence over violence.

It prefers love over hate, every time. 

But it can be hard to stay in love when we allow an endless train of hate and anger into our consciousness.

So I want to press pause. 

And ask you to do something different with your heart today.

Can you nourish your soul with a small act of Loving Kindness?

Take a moment today to turn off all your screens, get really still and go WITHIN.

Just for 10-15 minutes. Use a guided meditation or just get quiet on your own.

And breathe. Listen to the sound of your own breath.

Quiet inhales and long exhales.

If you want you can stop reading right now, and come back here later. 

Because it’s more important that you just breathe and go WITHIN.

Dear heart, we have just over three months left of 2020. Many of us have lived a lifetime of events in the nine months of this year already, and we are surrounded by fear about what else could happen in the weeks that are left. 

I’m not telling you to put your head in the sand, but I want to encourage you to give yourself permission to do whatever it takes to nourish your Loving Kindness practice for the remainder of 2020.

Light a candle. Diffuse some yummy smelling oils. Meditate. Chant. Enjoy deep sleep.

You may even find that you need new practices for this moment. Maybe Loving Kindness is going to be showing up in a new way. So much of 2020 seems to be about the old ways no longer working. 

Perhaps it is time to add a new element to your spiritual life. In yoga, there is always an alternative. A way to modify what no longer works. 

Discover what works for you in this now moment.

But whatever you do, remain present to your inner life. We need your beautiful soul intact for the world we are going to inhabit together in the days that are beyond this year.

Sending you love and permission to exhale,


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