Holding A Future Vision

Holding A Future Vision

As a child whenever I was confused, frustrated or frightened I would ask my Mom or maternal Grandmother who I spent lots of time with to read me a story. Or to tell me a story. 

Many times my Grandma would make stories up. Stories that were quite in-depth and would encourage me to use my imagination or to create a vision of a new reality. 

There I would escape for a brief period and remember all that is magical about life itself. 

These days many of us feel a bit like frightened children. 

And in the midst….

There’s a beautiful outpouring of helpers, generous offerings, online classes, and programs that really good humans are coming up with during our pandemic days. We’re seeing donations and actions taken to provide shelter, food and protection to those in deep need.

We’re also playing catch up and that’s causing fear. I won’t go into politics here because you already know. 

At times lately I’ve felt almost frozen. The past few days I’ve been immersed in scrolling and seeking. Looking for answers and comfort. 

I’m not sure this type of survival instinct will end anytime soon.

I feel like a mama bear foraging for truth. 

I still believe sitting quietly and moving into spiritual practice is helpful, even if for a brief while. If you can muster the desire or interest. 

I was talking to my Mom yesterday and she gave me some great insight. She’s 83 and remembers World War 2 rationing. She still has an old rationing book with stamps in it. Her Dad was a journalist and went off to war and it forever changed her family and life. 

Have you noticed how our wise elders aren’t as afraid these days?

My Mom said, “I’m not worried about my own life or death. ” If I get sick I’ll deal with it. After all she watched her husband die of cancer over a long period of time. What my Mom thinks of now are the children and how this will affect their future. She’s a 37-year retired school teacher of 1st graders (god bless her) so she thinks of the universe as it relates to children. How are we caring for the children right now? 

And then she said something that just struck me. 

She said, we’ve got to hold a vision for the future. 

That’s what we did during World War 2. We knew that without a vision that was hopeful we’d be sunk. We needed time to break from reality in order to feel into a future vision so every night my Grandfather would turn on the radio, and we would each get our favorite beverage and for a brief time we would listen to music, tell jokes and stories, and just be together taking a break from the raging war. 

She said she remembers those days fondly as a time when stories were told to encourage everyone and it really did help. Everyone came together and appreciated the moment they were in. 

We need to bring on the storytellers right now. 

With everyone busying themselves to make money, stay active and busy and push productivity we might be missing that genius moment to really see the larger picture here. 

There’s a clarion call for humanity to pause. We can’t just keep scratching the itch. 

As Seneca so eloquently wrote, 

“We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden.”

Blessing to you and yours,