It’s so good for us to evolve

In my last writing to you I spoke about the gifts I’ve earned as a yoga teacher and how it’s evolved my life.

While I no longer teach weekly classes, yoga is still an important aspect of my daily life. My practice has saved me over the years and especially in the past year as I recover from a serious injury. Many days I could only roll around on my bed and do twisting poses but still it felt so great. To just move and stretch. Release, breathe, repeat.

It’s funny because when I had an intense teaching schedule I barely had time for my own practice. Many yoga teachers live within this paradox and it creates anxiety that is mostly unspoken.

Since the day I discovered yoga at the ripe age of 19, I’ve loved it fully. Yet the more I taught the less I practiced. Too busy for my own practice was how I lived for quite some time. It still always felt a significant part of my wellness practice because I was immersed in teaching, and being with students in yoga time. But truthfully my own practice grew weaker over the years.

Now I’ve got time, lots of time for practice and I don’t take it for granted. Most days of the week I’m on my mat to listen to myself with a different ear. I start with ten minutes and usually go at least an hour. Even ten minutes is beneficial though-never forget that. Do what you can and give yourself a pat on the back.

I think that many of us feel that if we can’t dedicate a good amount of time it might not be worth it or benefit us.

Not true at all. A small amount can be so good for us as it reminds us to jump back in and keep it alive. Whether that’s yoga, meditation, dancing, singing, painting, reading, making things, taking photos, or playing a musical instrument.

It seems to me that life is more about creating things, that finding ourself. Because when we’re creating we are in our zone of joy. And that is who we are, and what our natural state is.

Our natural state is joy and our natural essence is love.

I may not be teaching yoga anymore but I’m truly in love with all of the richness and collaborative relationships that have come my way in my work. I’m thanking my lucky stars.

I’ve discovered that I love producing retreats in Italy. That I’m pretty good at it too. Probably because I love it right? In the coming weeks I’ll be announcing my full 2020 line-up in Tuscany which is gonna be HUGE. I’ve partnered with my dream people, truly. It’s been astonishing to work with people who are hugely talented and come to the table so open and wise.

All of this gives me hope and lets me know that we can shift, change and evolve no matter what age we’re at. That we can let go of things and move into the new. Life is there for us, we make our own choices as sovereign beings.

I’ve also been preparing to produce a Radiant Jane podcast. I’ll interview people in wellness, art, travel and life. I’m super excited about this. I’ll be sure and let you know when the first one is ready on iTunes. Look for it this Fall!

I’m busier creating things that I’ve ever been in my entire life. I guess I’m in a creative renaissance. I started taking art classes and am learning how to draw which has been humbling in a good way:)

Keep creating things my friends. It’s what’s gonna save us really. We can create whatever we want including new ways of thinking, taking care of ourselves, being, working, loving, and new structures that heal our planet offering us the hope of humanity.

We are all here together, we are whole, we are love.