Just this moment

I’ll never forgot those first years of my yoga teaching career. 

And my students. All of their faces, voices and hearts are still within me. 

Being a full time yoga teacher is like nothing else. Nothing at all. 

As time goes on and I move further away from teaching yoga at a pace of multiple classes per week I have a new understanding of what it all really meant. 

The space between “full time yoga teacher” and evolving into other aspects of teaching and leading have been most challenging and illuminating.

During the pandemic I’ve been deeply cherishing all of my experiences being a yoga teacher. Being in real time with people moving in and out of their bodies. This is where I’m most comfortable. Being in movement. As much as I love writing, talking and discussion there is just nothing like paying attention to the body. 

Our bodies are indeed a precious vessel that we need to function well. And if things are blocking that we suffer. This is not a judgement but is a realization. Everyone will experience this in their own way. It’s the great equalizer of humanity. 

I’m in a two month writing class with the amazing Natalie Goldberg and this past Saturday a student shared and read her story about coming home to her body. Without even blinking I burst into tears because what she shared was so raw and real. She was telling all of our stories. The stories about how living inside a body is such a delicate sacred balance. 

When I began teaching my energy, vitality and ideas were on fire. I could teach endlessly and nothing slowed me down.

The ideals I wanted to impart were:
loving kindness
coming home to body (no matter what condition)
linking breath with movement
finish the exhale (the inhale is always waiting for that)
taking refuge within

Now as winter prepares to end I have a full circle coming back to my roots feeling inside of me. I’ve been sensing it for some time and I needed the space of winter to really get it. To sink into the deep wisdom of it.

It means truly letting go of outdated ideas, stale thinking, challenges, illusions, people, and ways of being. Including muting, deleting, unfollowing, not searching, asking, seeking or going outside myself for answers about myself. As a person who loves knowledge I’ve spent too many hours in search of. 

The full circle feels just like it did when I started teaching yoga. 

It’s fresh mind, fresh thinking and radiant. 

And I’ve gone through another long winter healing my leg injury and that feels powerful. I’m stronger again and my mind has changed. Body and mind always teach each other. Never forget that. 

I’m preparing for spring after a long winter and season of composting. 

I encourage us to take permission and feel into what is happening right now. 
Not in a global way but inside yourself.

What is there? What is your body telling you? 

If it feels like overwhelm give yourself permission to step back and say,

Right here and now is all I have to handle. This breath, this moment. 

It’s a fresh start and a loving way to be with our life and heart. 

Soon I’ll be sharing more about what lies ahead. Yay!

Happy Women’s Month!

We are amazing creators of magic aren’t we?

Much love,