Kindness for all of us

Recently I shared in my newsletter some changes I’ve been making and many folks wrote back and shared their own changes.

One thing is certain, most of us are in change mode, either by choice or circumstances. 

I’m still processing through the loss of Italy retreating. I find the daily noticing to be poignant most days. I can’t rush my being to where it isn’t ready to go yet.¬†

Every week since the pandemic hit I get emails from people asking when, how, what about Italy. When will we go back?

Or I get doomsday emails about never, no-way, it’s over.¬†

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster to navigate through these months of uncertainty. My least¬†favorite¬†are the people who seem to be able to¬†predict the¬†future. As in, we’re never traveling again or at least not for years.¬†

Sorry but I can’t go there. If the whole world changed in 8 months, how can we possibly know what will happen in 8 more?¬†

I¬†don’t feel qualified to be a futurist or predictor of how¬†things will shake out. Not many are at this point.¬†

The pandemic has shown us what needs tending to. 

Whether it’s our work, our relationships to others and mostly to ourselves. A good starting point is always to look within ourselves and get real about what’s there. ¬†

Carl Jung said that as life goes on, we don’t so much solve our problems as we simply outgrow them.

We gain new insights and develop new maturity and that simply shrinks the magnitude of the problem, so it isn’t as bothersome as it once was.¬†¬†

I wish we could all know and remember that when we’re changing, suffering and transforming.¬†

It’s never easy to surrender to our own growth and truth when we’re in deep change.¬†

When things fall apart, we can hold ourselves in the most gentle tender way.

Imagine yourself as a newborn infant that you’d want to swaddle and love with all of your heart.¬†

That’s the kind of deep and¬†cherishing¬†love we need to offer to ourselves.¬†

We’re always learning to live into our own loving kindness.¬†

There is no one way or right way.
There is only your way. 
You finding your own way. 
That’s the way.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Of course it does.

Because it’s all of us.¬†

Our life is just practice and we’re all practicing together.

These basic truths are why I’m STILL so passionate about teaching loving kindness, compassion and going within. ¬†

When we can learn how to be kind to ourselves we can be kinder to others. 

One of the leading intellectuals of the 20th century, Aldous Huxley, wrote 
more than 20 books, including *Brave New World.* 

In his later years he made a surprising confession.

It’s a bit embarrassing to have been concerned with the human problem
all one’s life and find at the end that one has no more to offer by¬†way of¬†
advice than “Try to be a little kinder.”

Yes Aldous, I concur. 

For me, for you, for all of us, let’s keep trying to be a little kinder.¬†

We can’t go on a real retreat right now, but we can discover new ways to experience the same transformation. I’m so stoked that my beta group for my very first group coaching¬†program WITHIN, is going to happen and it starts November 4! It’s ALL about deep transformation.¬†

I’m¬†feeling¬†both strong and vulnerable, and giving it all my heart.¬†

Love to you. 
Big hug and thanks for being here with me.