Lay Your Burden Down

The wonder of this week, this time in history and what the people have said in the election are on my mind and heart so deeply.

Growing up in a democratic family during the civil rights movement meant I learned things and developed a way of thinking that carries with me to this day. It’s no surprise to anyone who reads my newsletters that I’m elated about the outcome of the election in terms of a massive change of leadership. 

I’m listening to Stevie Wonder, my cats are napping, there is a stew in the oven, my husband is practicing guitar in his studio and in my little home things are AOK.

Knowing that is not the case in all homes is something I meditate on daily.

I’ll never stop being a warrior of compassion in my work and life. I’m dedicated to taking continued action to help make the world a better place. Til I can no longer do it, I’ll be doing it. 

You’re like that too. By how you go on about your days with the best intentions in mind. I know you’re out there fighting the good fight. Or as John Lewis would say, “making good trouble.” 

A dear friend of mine passed away from cancer 18 years ago today. She was really an amazing woman. She worked with mentally disabled children and was a tireless fighter for their rights. I always admired her tenacity, dedication and energy. We were besties. We must have been sisters in another life. She was sick for a long time and fought hard. I spent a great deal of time with her while she was sick and on the day she passed on. The experience changed me. 

During her illness she was so selfless and trying to comfort all of us who would be left behind. 

We had a strong connection when it came to what we believed about the spiritual realm.  We would go back and forth and share ideas and concepts….endlessly:) I’ve never met anyone I could riff on that topic with the way we did since then. Something she said to me in the days before she passed is something I will never forget. 

She said, “Jane it’s ok to lay down your burden. And Jane please lay down your burden as much as you can. If there is one thing I wish I would have done more often is to lay my burdens down.”

Her words just struck me as an anthem. An aspiration I would return to again and again. I think Yoga is that for me. I lay it all down in my practice and get out of my own head. The endless chattering. I come home to my body where it’s safe.  As one who is always challenged with being too hard on myself I needed those words and she of course, knew that. A good friend will do that for you. 

I’m thinking of her today, you today, how the world is spinning today and realizing that while we may have a long way to go, we can certainly take a moment and celebrate, and lay our burdens down. 

We’re such a forward people and we’ve been pushing so hard. 

But honestly dear ones, it’s ok to take a minute and rest. To let your nervous system come back down. As Joe Biden said last night, we need to cool things down for a bit. 

To lay down our burdens. 

Much love to you,

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