Loving Kindness Meditations

Loving Kindness Meditations

Dear heart-

I think we all need a giant hug.  Preferably from our fairy godmother. 

There is so much noise, info, help being offered at a dizzying rate.

It’s quite beautiful to see the creative and loving ways the world can be in a time of crisis. It gives me great hope. 

What’s been helpful for me and many clients I’ve been coaching lately is to:

Be still. 

I’ve noticed that when I sit still and feel my body and my breathing it’s my way of self-soothing.  

To stop all the fidgeting and get still.

It’s healing and we are all healing now. 

There is so much to say, think, know and do right now. 

We can also give ourselves space to do nothing for a bit every day….

I’d like to help in a small way by offering a simple bedtime calming meditation. 

You can lay in bed and listen or whatever you prefer. 

Join our sangha tonight in our Peace of Mind group for an evening meditation. 

It’s totally free, no strings attached and my gift to you. 

Here is the link to sign-up. 

I’ll be your fairy godmother tucking you in safely for a good night of sleep. 

Much love,