Musings On Generosity

When a friend is hurting, sometimes it can be hard to know what to do.

Does she want us to come over?

Would she rather be left alone?

What about flowers? Or food?

Is it more appropriate to call first or just show up?

Or should I just send a card?

Has someone written a guide for what to do that covers all these different circumstances?

I need to know what to do when there’s a death and what to do when there’s an illness.

And what to do when there is an unexpected death as opposed to one that has been coming for a long time.

If you have worked through the above train of thought when someone you know was in need, you are not alone. I feel you. My whole life, whenever I have had a friend who was going through a traumatic event or even a minor heartache, I have struggled to know what to do.Until this year…

when I had my accident.

My own traumatic event, though I know it pales in comparison to what many have experienced before me, has brought into clear focus the answer about what to do when someone is hurting.

And it’s exceptionally simple.

You ready?

Here it is:

Do something.

That’s it. Anything you do will be appreciated. Literally anything.

When we are crushed by the weight of the world, it’s amazing how the smallest act can lift that burden. Even if it’s just for a little while.

I have already written about how being injured has taught me to receive, something that was hard to learn. But what I didn’t mention is that my time off my feet has also taught me how to be generous.

Experiencing the generosity of others has been a great source of inspiration to me.

Every note, every email, every letter, every card, every package, every food offering and every heartfelt message via social media has served to buoy me through this season. Every single one. I appreciated each sweet reminder that someone else was hoping for my healing and recovery.

So here’s what I know now about helping others in need. Whatever I do will be just right. I don’t have to overthink it. I just need to do something.

Whatever small way I participate in the generosity of the universe will make the world a brighter place for someone. No generous act goes to waste.

Every gesture matters. Every kind word, card, gift or message adds Loving Kindness to the world.

Thank you, dearhearts, for bringing so much Loving Kindness to my world this year.