I want to invite you on an inward journey.

To guide you into a place where you can connect to the voice of your inner life.

Where you can trust and learn how to practice equanimity and have more peace of mind.

I am creating a circle of connection where we can be messy and soar at the same time.

And I want you to be a part of it.

Let’s go WITHIN.

The next 12 week course of WITHIN will be announced soon. Dates are still TBD.

WITHIN is where I will teach you how to be present in your own life.

You will cultivate curiosity and self-knowing.

You will throw off the shackles of the rising anxiety in our culture that asks us always to be busy and to push harder.

Instead, we will reverently attend to our own nourishment.

WITHIN will be intimate and safe, so that we can totally embody belonging and trust.

I am excited to offer you weekly personal attention and to build an atmosphere that is conducive to real expansion and lasting transformation. 

Maybe you have been looking for discernment about where this strange season of life is taking you.

Or perhaps you have been wondering how you can use this time to be more awake to your life, to be a light and a hope to the world. 

Maybe you are longing for more loving kindness in your daily practice, or you are searching for community and encouragement. 

I have been a tender, compassionate guide for women for over 20 years. 

And I am delighted to be offering this deep dive where you can receive mentoring with me for three solid months this spring. 

Dear heart, I want to give you the attention, focus, accountability and connection you are craving. 

I will be your witness as you create habit shifts and learn to trust yourself.

When you go WITHIN, you will know that you are whole, radiant and enough.

How does it work?

Within will carry you through all of the seasons of your life.

Here is what you will do and create inside of WITHIN:

You will sit down in your own life.

You will plan for your own spiritual life and growth.

You will sit with your feelings and understand their source, as well as their story.

You will learn the very nature of practice.

You will create equanimity, learning what it means and why it matters.

You will understand how to care for yourself (and why it is different from how we care for others).

You will discover presence. 

You will learn what you believe about your interior life.

You will integrate learning by turning it into real transformation.

In all these things, I will be your gentle, but fierce guide. I will hold your hand and be present with you.

You will be seen and witnessed one-on-one with me as your master wellness teacher.

Here’s what is included in WITHIN:

Weekly course materials
(written lessons, journal prompts, and audio meditations)

1 weekly video where i will expand on each lesson.

1-on-1 private coaching calls with me for each module.

WITHIN will last for 12 weeks with an intro week, 5 two-week modules and a wrap up week.

Here’s a quick preview of the 5 modules for WITHIN:

Module 1 
2 weeks
The state of being whole and undivided, undiminished, self-compassion, you as your own authority on your well-being, goodness and inner unity. 

Module 2
2 weeks
Being in our bodies, movement, yoga, pranayama, strength, vitality. 

Module 3
2 weeks
Silence as a counterpoint. Creating space for presence. 

Module 4
2 weeks
How we stand in for love. 

Module 5 
2 weeks
Making real change, habit creation, integration. Turning wisdom into JOY. 

How do I begin going Within?


On the call we’ll find out if this is a good fit for you.

The dates for the next 12 week course of WITHIN will be announced soon.

I can’t wait to meet you!



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