The Within curriculum served me in the ways I hoped it would, by strengthening the core of me. And in ways I did not know to hope for, stretching me to grow, opening up my heart and soul. 

The lessons from Within are a map for me to find my way back to me when the winds of life blow me off course. Within is challenging, but so is life. I could not get enough of the videos and written lessons, so I return to them often at my own pace and space. 

I give Jane, as a teacher, an A+. No, seriously – does a team or a high level athlete get to where they want to be without a coach? How about an academic? Do they reach their target degree without a teacher? I have come to think of Jane as my mentor, teacher, and coach in this game called life.”


Within was truly a healing journey filled with grace, love and enormous wisdom. 

My biggest take away was acceptance of what it is that makes me a whole person. Jane’s coursework taught me how to look at my past, how to love and accept old wounds and scars as a beautiful part of my story and not try to tuck them in a drawer or a shadow. Specifically, she taught me how to ask for help, how to ask for and accept forgiveness, how to learn to respond rather than react to challenges, and how to stay in the present and honor whatever feelings are rising up that day.  

I’m going to go back and do the journaling prompts again – it’s awesome to have it as a lifelong tool. 

Jane is a compassionate leader. She leads from the heart and with loving kindness as her North Star. She is uniquely skilled at helping people reveal the truths and answers that live inside of them for themselves. She doesn’t advise or lecture or preach – her approach is refreshingly soothing, enlightening and nurturing.  

Jane creates magic. She creates community, safe space and connection. I learned and I unlearned and I relearned so much about myself; I found deep meaning in all the teachings, a wonderful grounding, and pure JOY. Each time, I looked forward to the calls more and more and appreciated how Jane weaved my individual journey and the lessons into a spiritual and unbreakable bond.


The Within 12 week course with Jane Reeves truly changed me for the better. There were goals I had and habits I longed to create for myself that had evaded me for years. Jane’s lessons and teachings through this experience guided me to a new place that allowed for me to embrace what I had longed for. Most deeply, I came away with a new sense of knowing. Stressful triggers have eased for me, challenges have become more manageable, and gentle acceptance and joyful celebration are now an everyday feature in my life. During the 12 weeks, I had a health crisis, and I had the strength to feel the intense shock and grief of that while also bouncing back from the physical and mental pain with a new resiliency. Jane became a true, trusted support network for me and held my hand, giving me such honest compassion and care. I feel like I rose as a phoenix from the ashes. Honestly, no amount of therapy over the years has ever served me compared to what 12 weeks of going WITHIN has done for me. I am forever grateful to Jane Reeves whose wisdom and grace have guided me to self-love and the ability to flourish!


As a leader, Jane has a noble presence that manifests as equal parts compassion and resilience. She successfully created a safe space to come as you are and challenged me to bring everything to the table without judgment. 

Having a weekly curriculum to follow during the Within program gave me a sense of direction and helped me set my intentions for the week. The course materials gave me mantras, reading materials, and journaling prompts that anchored my personal journey throughout the program. Jane’s videos and guided meditations were a cornerstone of my week, a chance to deepen my practice guided by the wisdom of a beloved teacher.

As women, it’s so easy to prioritize everyone else’s needs above our own. I didn’t realize how good I had gotten at this until I participated in the Within program, where I had to intentionally carve out time for myself every day. It was a rude awakening to discover how much I’d been neglecting self care! Once I got into the daily and weekly routines of this course, it was like I was living a whole new kind of life. The kind of life I’d always dreamed of deep down inside, where I matter just as much as everyone around me. Where happiness and love start within and radiate outward. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all sunshine and roses! There is pain and suffering living inside of me, some of which has gone unaddressed for many years. The difference is that now I feel like I have the tools to sit with it and eventually transform it into something beautiful. The Within program taught me that being present to myself is the key to shining the light to others in all the ways I aspire to.


By going Within and reflecting on the knowledge and insight I can continue to shape who I want to be as I continue to transition into this stage of my life. The experience of weaving the info from the modules into actual life activities and interactions and then sharing with Jane led to much personal insight for me.

Jane exudes loving kindness in her thoughtful responses. She also brings a sense of humor and some lightheartedness into our interactions.

The program had been life changing for me. I had been struggling with the outcomes of a major life transition that didn’t result in the things that I had hoped for. Thus I was beginning to feel some confusion about making any further life changes. By going Within I was able to accept and heal the sorrow and now can embrace the future by staying grounded in present moments. I can cherish the essence of who I have become years of life experience, knowledge, connections and love.”


“What I had been searching for is now here, right in front of me, and I don’t want to let it go.

Do I want to continue doing deeper within?  Absolutely. I would NOT be where I am if Jane hadn’t created the framework and allowed me to do the work. Without it, the journeys into such deep sometimes dark pools would not have taken place. The quick ascents back to the surface to gulp in the air when what we revealed left us vulnerable and sometimes gasping for breath. So much, so soon, so amazing.

Jane’s wisdom, her healing powers, her power of enlightenment that comes from years and years of pulling off the bandaid reveal the wound to let the healing begin. Jane is such a beautiful soul. I needed that nurturer, that healer, that friend to continue to the next chapter. We all do.”


Jane Reeves came to me as an unexpected gift. I had signed up for one of her Tuscany Retreats because of a particular week’s guest teacher. I did notice that there was a woman named Jane who organized the retreat and would be leading us in yoga practice. I thought ‘Okay, yoga.’ Little did I know that was only part of Jane’s skill set. Covid hit the world and the retreat was postponed to a time of year that made it impossible for me to attend. But now I was on Jane’s mailing list and I heard about her program ‘Within.’ I thought what better to do than go ‘within’ as long as the universe is making us all isolated and therefore ‘within’ whether we like it or not. 

Oh my. What a good choice I made! Doing the exercises she sent and then talking with her every other week was such a revelation. Her insights on top of my own insights – what a potent combination.   

Not a trip to Tuscany, but instead a really fertile place of exploration right here at home. Right in my own living room. I cannot recommend her enough. Treat yourself to this kind of self-care practice with Jane as your guide!

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