Episode 2:3: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

July 22, 2021

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Welcome Back to Season 2 of Ferocious Compassion!

Show Notes:

In season 2, we begin with a new format where Jane will share personal lessons and stories and offer talks on how to live with greater compassion and deal with difficult emotions using the framework of loving kindness. 

Episode 3 is a mini-podcast dharma lesson from Jane Reeves about the old adage, “No good deed goes unpunished.” This podcast will guide you to notice, have you been over-efforting? Do you go out of your way unnecessarily? Are you truly helping? Listen in for a quick chat with Jane!

Jane Reeves is an internationally known coach, yoga & meditation teacher, and author of A Heart of Gold-Lessons on the Path of Loving Kindness. Jane leads retreats in the US and in Italy. In season 2 of Ferocious Compassion, Jane will offer talks and teachings on how to tend to our soul by living with greater compassion and developing a loving kindness practice in a world that often feels disconnected and full of uncertainty. The podcast focuses on lessons we can learn from becoming more aware, less reactive and how to deal with our difficult emotions. Jane will also offer regular meditations along with her talks. 

Additional Resources

You can learn more about her work at: THEJANEREEVES.COM

To get your own copy of Jane’s book, order it here.

More about Jane

Hosted by life coach, author, international retreat leader Jane Reeves, Ferocious Compassion is edgy and illuminating conversations on what it really means to live a well loved life. Each episode contains authentic interviews with gifted thinkers, authors, artists, and coaches about how to go within, be where we are, and live a life with Ferocious Compassion.

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