Episode 3:1: Quiet Mind Deep Writing

January 17, 2022

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Welcome Back to Season 3 of Ferocious Compassion!

Show Notes:

“Writing isn’t therapy, but it’s therapeutic. Writing isn’t magic, but it’s magical.”

~ World famous author, Sarah Selecky

The guest for Season 3, Episode 1 is Sarah Selecky, a Canadian writer who founded the Sarah Selecky Writing School a decade ago. Her core course “The Story Intensive” has transformed writers from all over the world and given them a new view of how to write from the heart. She teaches how and why writing doesn’t have to be done alone in a heavy or miserable state of being. That we can connect to and focus on the love of our topic, or write about things that make us feel joyful. There is a contemplative message in all of her work along with a deep reverence for the natural world. Sarah shares evidence about the new science of writing and how when writers create together in community, the signal gets so much stronger and the volume of creative source goes way up. 

Sarah will be joining Radiant Jane Retreats as a guest teacher in Tuscany April 24-30, 2022. 

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