Episode 3:3: The Wise Woman in Business

June 7, 2022

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Welcome Back to Season 3 of Ferocious Compassion!

Show Notes:

Season 3, Episode 3:

Niamh Gallagher is an energy healer and intuitive guide that works with thoughtful, empathic and wise women who long to create change, healing and beauty in the world through their businesses. 

She helps them get clear on their soul vision, express their unique voice and leadership and trust in what is possible for their work.

She believes that rather than trying to fit into the world as we know it, we can instead use business as a creative tool to transform and heal our culture, offering new models of how women can live, work and flourish.

She offers once-off and longer-term mentoring, as well as a year-long group program that takes women on a journey to reclaim the power of the Wise Woman in business.

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