Episode 4: The Shineologist

OCTOBER 19, 2020

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Show Notes:

THE SHINEOLOGIST: A life well lived with Radiance as a Focus. Jane Reeves interviews Ann Green, who shares her life stories as an athlete, yogini, cancer survivor, and what it takes to slowly heal a brain concussion with gratitude, grace and rising optimism. 

Ann Green, E-RYT, has 35+ years expertise cross pollinating athletics, yoga, manual therapy + pain management. Founder of BLiSS ann green yoga, a Visionary + Conduit, she creates a unique Progressive Movement Education experience through Yoga + Leadership, making her a sought after Yoga Teacher Training Lead.

Her empowering workshops and programs have led to her contributions with the Canadian Sports Medicine + Orthopedic Surgery Councils. Ann has been featured in many authoring and podcast opportunities, including Yoga Journal, The Daily Tea + The Hockey News, NBC News, OptiMYz Magazine, The Connected Yoga Teacher, and many more. Ann is passionate about health awareness for concussion + MTBI and has created a leading foundational program to navigate support for this new now in thrivers and caregivers called BRAIN.STORM.

Ann’s remarkable resiliency makes her a sought after keynote address and her Olympic dream + pathway support her work as an empowering high performance coach to many athletes and entrepreneurs in her consulting for Personal Excellence with MySHiNE. Ann is happiest when spending time in nature with her loving family enjoying outdoor adventures near her home on the cusp of Northern Ontario, Canada

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