Episode 6: Alison Chino

NOVEMBER 2, 2020

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Show Notes:

Alison Chino is a soul walker. She’s also a gorgeous photographer, writer and yoga teacher. Jane and Alison talk in this podcast episode about how to live our moments with deep presence and reverence for life. How taking long walks in nature, in different cultures expands your heart and brings you within. How living with uncertainty is the pathway to feeling grounded and centered. 

The book Alison references at the end of the podcast is called Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

In Alison’s own words:

I am a copywriter. I write, edit and proofread blog posts, sales pages, eCourses, and eBooks. I’ve been writing internet copy for over ten years. The copywriting product I’m most excited about offering this year is called Newsletter Magic. It’s where I write all your newsletters for you so you can concentrate on the other parts of your business (and life).

I am a traveler. My preferred form of procrastination is doing internet research about where I can fly off to for cheap, preferably next week. Instead of using social media, I write all about my travels on my blog. You can subscribe to future blog posts right here.

I am a writer. I enjoy stretching myself as a writer by doing new things like storytelling projects and e-mail writing courses. The best way to get in on whatever I’m writing lately is to subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

I am a yoga instructor. I’m teaching yoga in Italy on this writing retreat in April 2021. Yes, you should totally come!

I am a guide. I have been going for long walks for a long time. In 2021, I’m hoping to return to the Camino de Santiago and you can come with me if you want!

I am a human being, dear loved and worthy of unconditional belonging. (And so are you!) Whatever else I am doing in the world, I try to take time to remind myself (and my readers) of this simple truth.

Additional Resources


Alison’s travel blog: I’m just trying to walk myself home.

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