Rest for Your Heart

Rest for Your Heart

On my desk I have this quote framed:
“Be like a flower and turn your face toward the sun.”
~Kahlil Gibran

The quote reminds me of possibility and hope.

While we’re all living with such a heavy dose of reality, it’s crucial to our well being to come up for air. 

Getting outside and walking has really been my saving grace. My friend who is a Chinese medicine doctor says walking helps to clear anger and fear from our bodies. I’m all for it. 

Another bit of medicine is to lie down and rest more than usual.

Either inside or outside on a lawn chair, blanket, or on the ground.

Gazing at the sky, watching the clouds and seeing the beauty of our natural world. 

Nature just keeps giving and giving.

She is a miracle. The hummingbirds returned to our land on May 1 just like clockwork.

They’re very hungry from their amazing journey back from Mexico so I made sure the feeders had extra sugar in them.

It’s simple stuff like this that rests my heart. 

Where does your heart rest?

Go there, dear heart.