Since the government announcement of unrestricted travel to Italy from June 3, 2021 we are pleased to announce that Radiant Jane Retreats will be returning to Italy starting October 2021! We welcome all guests who have received their COVID-19 vaccination by the end of September 2021. Our staff is fully vaccinated. The staff at Fattoria Del Colle are all vaccinated, and they are dedicated to making sure all guests are safe and well cared for. Every guest will have private sleeping quarters, dining experiences will be mostly outdoors and physically distanced, and Italian trains and buses will still require masks to be worn in close proximity for the safety of all travelers. If you have any questions, or you booked a retreat that was postponed during the pandemic and are ready to reschedule your new retreat date, please email

Upcoming Retreats

Crafting these beautiful moments is a creative joy for me, which is why I keep planning these retreats after having led over fifty of them in the last twenty years. I have learned so much about life and joy and connection from traveling and doing these retreats. It is my deep calling to share these unique and precious times away with you. I know the courage it requires to pull away from your normal life. To give yourself to a new adventure in an unfamiliar place with people you have never met. The stimulation and growth you experience when you leave your normal setting for a few days is one of the bravest expressions of self-love for your soul. It is a declaration to fill your life with joy and magic.

I am honored to be your guide.

To show you a new part of the earth and a new part of your radiant self. To help you deepen your practice of yoga and meditation. To create a setting where you feel rooted and safe even while you are adrift in the world. To become still and fully present in your life. You will experience the grace of community that we all desperately need in our modern day world of isolation, but you also will receive personal attention from me and time to explore on your own. You will be seen. You will be nourished. You will have sanctuary for your soul. And you will emerge renewed.

Are you ready?

Read on to sign up for one of my retreats or get in touch with me about creating your own. Stay in the loop! Like us on Facebook.

Dream Forward!

We’re going back to Florence! A 5 day retreat in Florence will happen December 2022. Details to be announced soon!

2022-2023 retreats are also scheduled in Tuscany at Fattoria Del Colle: October 2022 and April 23-29, 2023

Tuscany Tarot Retreat

A Tarot retreat with the esteemed and beloved teacher Carrie Paris.

Rescheduled to October 24-30, 2021

Come Home to Your Body

A Loving Kindness Retreat in Tuscany with

Sas Petherick & Jane Reeves

Rescheduled to April 17-22, 2022

Write What You Want to Read

A Tuscany Writing Retreat led by acclaimed
author Sarah Selecky

Rescheduled to April 24-30, 2022

The Power of Loving Kindness

A Jane Reeves’ meditation and yoga retreat in Tuscany

October, 2022 – exact dates TBD