Something New

Can you feel it?

It’s been building for a long time.

When I set out to write A Heart of Gold, I knew that I didn’t just want to write a book.

I wanted so much more than that.

I wanted to carve out more space in the world for Loving Kindness.

I wanted to give you permission to enter true rest.

I wanted to provide a place for women to be renewed and replenished.

I wanted to help more people experience the beauty of Italy. And not just the Italian countryside, but I want people to know the joy of being present in a country that embodies a life full of true respite. In Italy, reprieve is built into the daily lifestyle.

I wanted to reframe our American lifestyle with that of Italy, where a practice of renewal is part of our life practice.

I wanted to show you that you can stop pushing so hard. There is enough time for recurring pauses. You can have space today, not just once or twice a year when you’ve reached the point of burnout.

What I wanted to do with A Heart of Gold, and what I’ve been doing with Radiant Jane Retreats, is to bring the repeatedly renewing practice of Loving Kindness to the world, one life at a time.

Loving Kindness is not a once a year or a once a lifetime practice. It is a daily, even hourly, practice. It is how I bathe my moments with joy.

And so dear one, I am delighted to invite you into our new Loving Kindness Community,

where the practices that I teach about on retreat in Italy will be distilled into themes and lessons that you can tap into wherever you are, at any time.

Loving Kindness for your real life. Right now.

In our Loving Kindness Community, we will make
true rest and renewal a part of our daily life.

We will rejoice together as we seek to recover the parts
of ourselves we have lost to the world of being busy.

We will celebrate each reprieve that you claim for yourself.

Every time you enter, you will receive light for your path towards Loving Kindness.

You will encounter encouragement from others who are practicing Loving Kindness.

And we will all find ourselves along the way to a gentler, more beautiful way to live.

Enter the deep exhale of our community, dear heart.

Bring your whole self.

You are welcome here.

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