No matter where you live in the world, what stage of life you’re in, the world is spinning in ways we’ve never seen before. 

I like to remember a mantra a wise teacher gave me long ago. 
The world is both crazy and beautiful. And it always will be. 

That doesn’t mean we give up, give in or stop reaching to make positive change in our lives or the world. It just gives us perspective in which we can take a long exhale.

We can take time to appreciate the love we have all around us and within us. 

I want to remind you that my main purpose in anything I’ve ever done with you, as a yoga teacher, coach, or on a retreat in Italy is to offer you support.  That feels natural to me.

Maybe it’s easier for me to do this because I’ve honed a life where I know how to get my own cup filled. 

It hasn’t always been like this. For bits of time in my life I was over sharing my energy and then I got really tired.

It’s taken me quite awhile to figure out how to parse out my giving-ness with my need for quiet and pause. 

In pandemic life we’re all adjusting and adapting to the best of our abilities. We’re getting through it. Day by day.

In my work as a yoga teacher I’ve witnessed how effective the deep lessons of yoga can influence our wellbeing day to day. Especially as it relates to regulating our mood, anxiety, sleep and grounding. 

I like to approach yoga with a softening influence so that we can acquaint ourselves with a way of being that’s about huge doses of loving kindness and compassion. 

With that in mind, here’s my gift to you!

Starting next week I’m offering simple, effective and timely lessons to help support you during these times. 

They’ll be yoga lessons in the form of: breathing techniques, mantras, mudras, pose benefits, contemplations, philosophy (my personal favorite), tips and ways of practicing and being IN yoga to support our daily life. 

Delivered to you in the form of videos, audio recordings and sometimes written lessons.

It’s ME and YOU = US. 

All for you and it’s FREE! 

Sign-up here and get your first lesson next week.

I’m seriously proud of you.

How strong you are and how much magic you offer to this crazy and beautiful world. 

Thank you for being here in mine. 

See you soon!

Much love,