Taking Refuge Within

 It’s gently snowing (again) and my bird feeder is full of woodpeckers and cardinals. I’m in love with the birds and have special feed for all of them. It’s the best therapy just watching the birds be birds. They just know how to BE birds. Much to learn from the birds:)

I’ve been trying new things. Cooking new things, seeing different view points, exercising differently, new yoga poses, less TV more reading, turning off screens after 7pm, calling people I love instead of texting. I think as I get older I want to stay open to trying new things while at the same time staying centered in who I am and what I trust about myself. 

Speaking of getting older. That’s definitely a thing.

No matter how you get around it, getting older is happening and it can’t be denied. People say, “oh yeah but you look good for your age.”  That’s nice to hear but I’m still my age. I still have all of the experiences, all the years, days and moments that I’ve lived. I keep thinking I should teach more on this topic but then I get intimidated. It’s a big one! But really if you think you’d like to hear more about being an older person hit reply and let me know. It’s not as sexy as a workshop called “how to have more sex in your sixties,” but oh well:) 

As we move through winter, we’re processing so many difficult emotions, change, and uncertainty I’m turning back to very simple ways to be with my life. 

I recently returned to the concept of taking refuge within myself. 

I am here, I am whole, I am Jane.

This is what I repeat at the beginning and end of my meditations, and if you’ve been on retreat with me in the past few years you know how we use those words as our mantra. (insert your name)

Taking refuge within ourselves means we can trust that going inward is where we learn to be present, and sit with the moment. We can make friends with ourselves in any given moment and especially when we’re not feeling very stoked. To make friends means to be with ourselves tenderly and without judgment. It’s not to even make change or make a forward motion. It is more simple than that. 

To just sit and be. To notice. Breathe and stay. To be where we are and notice how it feels. To not always scratch the itch of distraction. 

Clearly we’re living in times that are volatile and high energy. There has never been a better time to go inward and take refuge as needed. 

Taking refuge is a safe shelter right inside yourself. This is for all people. Any person, anywhere, anytime. It’s the middle path and it’s meant to protect, shelter and hold you. 

I hope that when you feel undone you can take refuge like this. Or as a practice to return to daily. To sink into and learn how it feels. 


PS. If you want to go WITHIN in a supportive group setting, sign up for my next round of this deep dive.