Sas Petherick

Coach, Mentor, Podcast Host
Loving Kindness in Toscana Retreat, 2018

“If you are reading about Jane’s retreats, all I can say is go. Go and be swept up by Italy, by the food, the sun, the belly laughs, the smell of truffle oil. Life is so busy, uncertain and often stressful, sometimes we need to give ourselves the gift of a break, away from everything that pulls at our attention; sitting on a yoga mat, held by the radiant wisdom of Jane is probably exactly what you need.

“Jane is the embodiment of loving kindness. Her leadership is a divine feminine light, deeply rooted in soil of Tuscany. You will be so well cared for, and your body, heart and spirit will thank you. The entire week was ACES! I am going home forever changed.”

Lianne Raymond

Master Coach

“In a world where the superficial and inauthentic have become the norm, Jane is a deep well of true wisdom. Her integration of years of learning and teaching along with her lived experience and her own journey within means she is a wise, warm and trustworthy guide for anyone interested in exploring what truly matters.”

Amy Metzger

Italy Retreat Guest, 2019

“From beginning to end, I enjoyed each and every moment of the retreat. Fattoria del Colle, Tuscany, Italy, what a breathtaking place to come for a retreat. The people there treated us like family. Jane is warm, authentic, and open. Personally, this was the kind of trip I was looking for and needing.”

Marcy Dmytrow

“Jane speaks with an open heart, with ease, with love, with kindness. I immediately fell in love with this radiant human being. In September 2019, I found myself in the Tuscan countryside at the beautiful and awe inspiring Fattoria Dell Colle at the Radiant Jane Retreat. The retreat exceeded any expectations I could have ever possibly imagined. Jane opens her arms and invites you to share in a journey of loving kindness and self care through mindful meditation teachings and practice. I have been cared for, loved, and nourished. This has been a life altering experience. I departed feeling centered, richer for coming, and ready to take on the world!”

Jess Archbold

“This retreat meant so much to me in so many ways. As a mother of young children, it was a great reset to the chaotic life I’m currently living. As a daughter, it was such a special way to reconnect with my mom (also along on the trip). As a wife and partner, it was so great to think about my marriage and miss my husband! Most of all this was an incredible way to gain deeper insight into my authentic and true self through yoga and meditation and a gentle community who showered me in love. Tuscany will always have such a special place in my heart!”

Joyce Lewis

“This retreat gave me the courage and acceptance to learn and practice the self care of yoga and meditation. I loved the location, the food and wine were phenomenal, and I appreciated the opportunity to eat and play together as a group. Jane’s insight is so helpful. I am looking forward to the next book!”

Tom G

“Jane’s magnetism and grace, her openness and acceptance of those from any and all levels of practice made me want to participate fully. Jane’s way with words is mesmerizing, and I couldn’t help but get caught up in everything she said. I will remember this Italy trip always and can’t wait to participate in another Radiant Jane Retreat in the future.”

Stephanie Tschida

“I have been a participant in Jane’s retreats for a number of years and I have always felt grateful for Jane’s ability to provide a safe and nurturing place for deep reflection and restoration. When I arrived at the Palazzo de Piero for the retreat in Italy, I knew this would be a sacred and healing time for me. Jane had created six days of many kinds of movements and opportunities: Yoga that was grounding and soothing, dharma talks that reminded me of what is important, time alone to rest and reflect, time with other wonderful like minded people to bond with, and lovely Tuscan meals, and opportunities to explore Tuscany. And then there was even more, because Jane brings a team of wise people and healers that further enrich the experience. I left the retreat with a renewed sense of wholeness, new life insights, experiences I will never forget, and new friends who are now companions on the journey. I am deeply thankful to Jane and her ability to create these opportunities for reflection, connection, and rejuvenation, and for her loving and accepting presence.
Thank you so much Jane.”

Lisa Maria

“There are not enough words to say how important this retreat was in my life. Coming off eighteen months of total upheaval in which my entire life, quite literally, had been shattered at my feet into thousands of pieces, I needed a quiet place to get clear. I had done enough emotional work already to know it was time to fully shed those old stories and embrace a new one, but I didn’t know what that was yet. Jane and her team not only sourced and created a magical environment in which to do this work … I mean, who doesn’t want to do yoga in a castle? … but they also held for me the exact sort of space I needed to make this big leap. I was able to hear once again a call that I had heard strongly in childhood, but had allowed many years of ‘normal living’ to drown out.
“Not only did I come away refreshed, healthily fed by our amazing chef and well exercised from gentle yoga … but I knew exactly what my next step was. And I even received my ‘commissioning’ into my this new life through a wonderfully confirming astrological reading. When I came home, I sold the rest of what I own and two weeks later, I’m hitting the road to travel the world wherever the spirit moves me. This is my new path, and I bless Jane and her team for helping me rediscover it after 20 years of forcing myself to forget.”


“We don’t need someone to fix us. We need someone to open a window.
Genuine curiosity, kind words, and consistent reminders of our own beauty, our own worthiness, are a rush of oxygen. This is what Jane does. Guidance with Jane has meant a consistently kind voice on the other end of the line, asking me real questions and offering living wisdom with incredible kindness and warmth. She is genuine and present, and each session with her leaves me feeling lighter and freer, more in touch with my own inner knowing and more connected to my own heart. I’m so grateful to work with her at this point in my life. After many years of doing really difficult things and working really hard to fix and create and heal, it’s a relief to sink into loving kindness with a tender, lighthearted guide. I wish every woman could give themselves the gift of being seen and being believed, the gift of working with Jane. I am breathing again. I’m beginning to trust myself again.”

Holly Johnson

“Jane creates great warmth, energy and space for gathering. It gave me the opportunity to connect to my deeper self. Jane creates great warmth, energy and space for gathering. She tends to draw out our higher qualities and allow us to reflect, get clear, and shape our vision for transformation.”


“After I had a baby I felt utterly happy and utterly sad. It scared me and I wasn’t sure what to do. Working with Jane was a heartfelt journey. She is so encouraging and inspiring to begin but she also connected me to resources I needed to understand what my experience really meant for me. It was profound. Highly recommend her!”


“Being at the Castle Fattoria Palazzo di Piero was absolutely amazing. Arriving at the castle there was an immediate sense of caring, a strong welcoming; a ‘presence’. The intimacy was palpable. It is gorgeous. It is loving. It is fun. I recall a couple days into the retreat, and “needing” to raid the kitchen (stocked with fabulous leftovers), I was walking through the castle as freely and easily as if was my home. And, for that lovely week, it was. What a gift !! What an experience !! Our Host, Bernice and our personal chef were EXCEPTIONAL, every meal was “to die for”. Truly, wonderful. Yoga with Jane was totally awesome. Jane is gentle and encouraging and teaches within the framework of loving kindness. I loved it. I recommend to anyone that is reading this – and thinking, yes GO!”

Emily Burger

“My time at Fattoria Del Colle was nothing short of a dream come true. There is a deep, gentle peace that permeates the land and weaves through every interaction and moment. There is a real feeling of home there, a sense of being really cared for and fed so, so well! The beautiful grounds, fascinating history, gorgeous spa, and amazing restaurant are as dreamy as it gets, a Tuscan gem in every way. Jane is a wonderful teacher and human being, she moves me with her ability to guide with not only grounded wisdom, but light hearted joy. It is simple to find center, to laugh, and overflow with love in this place, with these people, an experience Jane creates with just enough relaxation and ease for magic to express itself freely. I knew it would become a place I would return to, and I look forward to the day I get to go back!”


For anyone who is looking to sink into a organically warm, inviting and nurturing environment, I couldn’t recommend Jane’s Italy retreat more highly. Jane has created a culmination of mind, body, relaxation, beauty and culture into an environment that is not only visually beautiful but cultural rich. If you have ever dreamed about escaping to the Tuscan countryside to take some time for you and nurture yourself, please consider this as your opportunity to give yourself the gift of Italy with Jane. From meditation to gentle yoga classes on the Tuscan countryside to amazing local food and traditional surroundings you will experience a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime.”


“I’ve been on a variety of yoga retreats but none that have stood up to Janes retreat. Jane has a soulful way of gathering a near family of strangers together who help support and cherish one another. Through love and kindness, she structured a retreat that I will forever cherish and plan to return to.
“I’ve worked with Jane through guidance and now through yoga. Through both experiences, Jane has been my “soul whisperer”. Her approach to leading, guidance, sharing, and just simply being, shows the years of personal growth and reflection she has experienced within her life. Jane meets you where you are today and provides the tools of her practice to help you claim and craft your own journey into the future.
“What Jane provided within the Italy retreat was everything that aligns with my mind, body, and soul and beyond. She taught attainable yoga and meditation practices (for all levels), she provided a team of experts to help tend to your body through yoga, massage, walking, and adventure. She nourished our bodies by selecting a personal chef who catered to all of our dietary restrictions and needs that was extremely delicious and filled with love.
“Jane helps you see clearly. She helps you push aside and sort through all the clutter until you can deal with the important and necessary aspects of your life. Her teaching is definitely not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ – it’s tailored to where each person is in their life and helps you see beyond. She shares her personal practice with you in the most authentic way. She is honest, spiritual, joyful, and so fun!
“Through fine-tuning and really getting to the root of how I operate, I was able to come home with the tools to create new habits in my life. We are all individuals, after all, and we need to deal with our lives in the way that works best for each of us. Jane helps you do just that.
“I am a more centered woman, am stronger physically and mentally because of Jane’s retreat and guidance. I am no longer gasping for air. I have made time for myself, be present and most of all, keep up with my practice. Many blessings.”

Julie K.

“Guidance with Jane Reeves has literally changed my perception about how to live in the moment, how to care for my life and be more of who I am meant to be. If you are considering whether to invest your time and resources in guidance with Jane, run don’t walk. She is the real deal. A gifted, extraordinary wise woman.”


“My time at Jane’s retreat in Tuscany was nothing short of magical. In addition to being treated to the best food, wine, company, and views, I was able to find the calm that had been missing from my busy American life. I grew strong and centered from Jane’s morning yoga and evening meditations, and in between I was inspired and led joyfully inward, finding peace within myself in an intentional and long-lasting way. I will bring with me out of this retreat a mantra with great personal meaning, a set of memories of beauty and peace, and a deeper knowledge of how to apply yoga and meditation into my every-day life back home.”

Judy Jensen

“Slowing down and rejuvenating in Italy at the Full Moon in Toscana yoga retreat was an absolute gift to my life.
“Jane radiates joy, warmth and loving-kindness in a way that touches hearts deeply.
The daily yoga and meditation practices were world-class and fostered such a sense of peace within.
“The charming retreat location, Fattoria del Colle, offered a serene, picturesque setting with astonishing views that could take your breath away. The beautiful spa was a personal favorite! Thank you, Jane, and Italy, for reminding me to savor the wonders of life. La dolce vita!”

Sarah Auna

“Jane’s retreat takes you deep into the culture of Italy. All that is deep, all that is simple…so that you may do the same within yourself. It is the perfect balance of Tuscan yoga magic and some seriously well executed logistics. All details are covered – including travel, local flavor, food, activities and self-care. The trip is organized in a way for the traveler to have roots and wings. Jane’s teaching style (both on and off the mat) is deep and pure. Messages are delivered with humor, grace and a tone of love and empowerment. Jane blends what is rich and unique to Italy with what’s familiar and comforting at home. The loose structure allows for friendships to unfold, self discovery to be had, and a deep love of Italy to be developed.”