The Secret to Success…

…is that there is no secret.

The secret to success is that there really is no secret.  

In my experience success is multi layered and might involve:
things that are easy and not so easy 
joyful moments
lots of trial and error
vulnerable moments
truly hard work
consulting good teachers
tons of angst
fuzzy thinking
good surprises
ideas that fizzle out
lamenting over why there are so many mean people in the world
sleepless nights
waning and waxing moments 
up, down, reassess, up, down, reassess,  (on and on like that)  
plenty of healthy humility
a huge dose of determination 

Most of us have stories of success, failure and everything in between-and it’s those experiences that give us our zest for life. Without the sour there can be no sweet right?

December is a nostalgic time coupled with auspicious energy in which we’re quite reflective as we end the year, and begin to ponder what the new year might look like.

2019 was a strong and successful business year for me and a year of deep healing in all areas of my life. 

Here are a few things that came out of the year, maybe you can relate. 

As you become more successful, your world gets bigger and you let more people in, but be very very careful who you let in.

This has been one of the biggest realizations for me this past year. My company has grown and so has my entire life because of it. I have many new colleagues, acquaintances, business collaboration and friends. And at the same time there is big growth I have to pause before I make decisions that involve people. That’s been hard for me because I’m a very open person. My new mantra is: My big heart can also protect itself. 

It’s about energy and where energy goes. We only have so much of it and it’s precious. What we offer to others is precious. So when choosing partnerships, friendships or any type of relationship be very discerning. Go slowly and create your own checkpoints. It’s ok to have strong boundaries and care for yourself this way. This is loving kindness in action. And note that when you’re practicing healthy boundaries-those who don’t have them will protest. Stay in your place of wisdom and you’ll be fine. 

My marriage, family ties and true friendships have become stronger. 

In 2019 I’ve had to learn how to refine how I put my energy out there. When I get quiet I know who I can trust immediately. It’s a feeling from the inside out. All of this has caused me to look deeper at my circle of love and people in my life who fill my cup. The ones who know me best, have my back and believe in me. Never discount your closest circle of people. They are the ones who are there for you in the middle of the night when you wake up from a bad dream. They carry your heart and you carry theirs. I’d rather spend more time looking into the eyes of a loved one than ever before. Everything I need is right before me.

Success is energizing in the best way, if you can learn to relax with it. 

The energy part is all true. When you’re struggling to get there, it’s exhausting. I’ve had lots of experience with that.  It feels like an uphill battle. When will it end. When success hits it’s a force of nature, a shot of true energy and you’re in the zone. On the other side of that there are some pitfalls. You’ve got to come down every day and rest. And sleep at night. So the highs of success can wire you. I’ve had to really stick to my practices of slowing down, resting, gentle yoga, meditating, walking, shutting off screens at night to rest my central nervous system. It’s not easy but I just keep at it. I’m stubborn. 

I can be ambitious and cautious at the same time. 

I’ve had periods where I’m not that busy or not that into growth. Not lately though! I’ve been quite ambitious the past couple of years. In the beginning of this latest phase I was ambitious at times without considering the bigger picture. Now I’ve learned to step back and wait. Before I make decisions, invite people, share or trust, I can wait. If it feels ok I’ll go with it. If there’s hesitation I can sit back and wait. I can hold the tone for both being excited about something and waiting it out. It feels like a good mix of both reason and self advocacy. 

Ultimately I aspire to build a life that has Loving Kindness as its prime directive. 

This past year I’ve had to make some hard decisions, have some tough conversations, mourn some loss and deal with healing from two foot surgeries. Through it all I’ve had days where I wanted to scream out the window. What really guided me in a healthier direction is knowing that if I take a path that isn’t me I’ll have to deal with the consequences of it which really bites. I’d rather just try and do my best in the moments I’m being challenged and go from there. This is a huge shift for me in the past few years and one that gives me Peace of Mind. 

Go in joy dear hearts. Take good care of YOU this season. Be tender. 

I do love hearing from you whatever it may be. 

Feel welcome to hit reply and share a thing or two, especially if it involves 
Christmas cookies. 

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