To Italy with Love

This week I want to share with you a concise round up of all Radiant Jane Italy Retreats scheduled for 2020! AND bonus: a little backstory on why I keep doing these retreats!

April 25-May 1  Tuscany Writing Retreat. 
Sarah Selecky is a celebrated Canadian author, writing teacher and recently her book “Radiant Shimmering Light” has been scheduled for a TV show. When I invited her to teach in Tuscany she said yes before I even finished my first sentence:) Join us for a week of deep writing in Tuscany. All levels welcome. Write What You Want To Read details here!

May 10-16   Tarot Intensive. 
World known beloved tarot reader and author of 5 books Theresa Reed is coming to Tuscany! We consider this a real coup to have her all to ourselves for a week! She’s going to teach all levels how to read the cards like a boss.This is a “what are you waiting for moment:)”  We’ve got 4 spaces left. Your tarot retreat details right here. 

May 17-22   Come Home to Your Body
Sas Petherick is joining me from her home in Bristol, UK. We’ll spend 5 days embracing loving kindness within our bodies. Sas is a dear friend, innovative self-doubt coach and creator of the excellent podcast, Ginger and Spice.  A small intimate retreat for women.  Your private room awaits you right here.

September 21-27  Sacred Arts Sojourn
Briana Saussy is a celebrated writer, teacher and spiritual counselor. Her work is dedicated to introducing the life changing power of the Sacred Arts to a mainstream modern world without compromising the integrity of those practices. We’re truly honored to have her on board. Read on!

October 4-10   A Week of Loving Kindness
I’m leading one big retreat in 2020 and this is it. A step by step immersion into Loving Kindness in the warmth of late fall. Using the harvest season as a backdrop we’ll explore specific practices to keep loving kindness close to our daily life. Included is truffle hunting and wander lusting through hill towns! Reserve space here

October 11-17   Astrology For All People 
Announcing our 2nd annual Astrology retreat with the incomparable Rebecca Gordon! A celebrated NYC astrologer, renowned author, and founder of the My Path Astrology School, we love Rebecca. Resident astrologer at Harper’s Bazaar and a regular guest on the Dr. Oz show-she has a warm, vital presence. There is a waitlist from last year so we’ll send out registration info on November 27!
As you can see, this is the dreamiest list and team. Our excitement is off the charts!

Why Italy? People fall in love with Italy and want to return again and again. Italy just has that certain indescribable allure. It captivates our spirit like no other and helps us remember our dreams. 

If you’d like to ask me questions or talk to me about any of these offerings, send me a note. xo 

xoMuch Love-Jane

P.S. With holiday season upon us I wanted to share my favorite Italian cookie
Cantucci Toscani. I’ve made them several times and they are easy and delish. 

A little backstory:
Here’s a short-ish version of what lead me to create a retreat company in Italy.

*What I’ve always loved most about my work is being with people in real time and the shared aspiration of waking up to body, mind and spirit. As the Italians say-spirito mente-corpo. 

*I wanted to dive deeper. It had to include travel, culture, getting out of our rut, being in far away lands. Retreating in Italy continues to teach me so much about human nature-what brings us joy, where we get stuck. 

*In 2009 I was sitting in the Duomo in Florence and realized that I wanted to lead retreats in Italy. My whole being just said YES. There was no doubt. 

* In 2013 I launched Radiant Jane Italy Retreats, on a shoestring and a prayer. I had no idea what would happen or if a single person would want to go. Nothing could stop me. 

* 6 years later, 162 guests later,  it’s going strong and has gone beyond what I originally dreamed it would be. Cosi Buono!

Along the journey I’ve learned tons about friendship, female leadership, mentoring, business, my own strengths and limitations, Italian culture, travel, boundaries, human nature, and the sangha of Loving Kindness-amorevolezza. 

Radiant Jane Retreats will continue to partner with master teachers and innovators in their field in the coming years. We’re already scheduling into 2021-2023.  We love how powerful it is to create a larger vision and expand the offerings to a wider audience. We’re helping educate, heal and inspire one by one. 

Thank you for sharing time with me.