Winter Coaching

Winter is well underway and here in the midwestern region of the US,  it’s  all about snow snow snow. 

If you can give yourself to it, the calm and stillness is quite restorative. 
I’m always balancing between my restless energy and my need to stay put and create. 

This time of year is my ideal time to practice morning rituals and routines that help me have a better day. 

Waking early, sitting with a candle and tea, gentle yoga, sitting by the fire, reading and writing. I try not to punish myself for a wandering mind or achey body. Just go with whatever is there is my mantra. Seems more fitting for this stage of my life.

I’m loving simplicity in all things. In the midst of so much uncertainty it feels good. 

Feeling so much satisfaction over my recently finished and first ever group program WITHIN.

It was deep, moving and lush and lasted for 12-week whole weeks. There were 6 women from all ages and stages of life. A true composite of humans and human-ness. Whenever I think of it I just smile.

This way of leading and really diving into the inward realm seems to suit where I’m at right now. The clients let me know that there is something about deep learning in the comfort of our home that feels simple and calming these days. 

Now it’s a bit quieter again so I’m opening up a few coaching sessions. 
These are 1-1 sessions, 1 hour long. 
You may book one here. 

I’ve been reading a wonderful book called Wintering by Katherine May. She writes about the winter stages we all have in life and how to not resist them. Her personal stories are fabulous and entertaining. 

Be good to yourself.