With a Happy Heart

Dear ones!

I’m heading into holiday season this year with a grateful +  happy heart. 

For the past few weeks Radiant Jane Retreats has been receiving the sweetest gifts and letters. People are in the mood to express themselves like never before, and in the most positive ways. And while I’ve been soaking it all in, it’s caused me to reflect on YOU, my faithful clients and encouragers. 

I’m beyond appreciative that you’ve taken this journey with me and I’m really feeling that lately. 

Why I am so grateful for you:

  1. You’re open to sharing a life changing journey with Radiant Jane Retreats. You’ve been flexible enough to say, hey this works really well or how about if we try this instead. Your helpful feedback is huge. To have this kind of trusting relationship with you means the world to me and I’m forever grateful. 
  2. Connection, friendship and community. Many RJR guests have become great friends of mine and my staff, and many of them meet new besties for life on our retreats.  It warms my heart to no end.

  3. The engagement. So many of our readers respond to our emails and posts to tell us about their own experiences or just to say thank you. We LOVE that. We read everything and it always, always means so much.
  4. You spread the word. We’re a small woman owned and operated business, so word of mouth is HUGE for us. Many of our past guests have encouraged their friends and family to go on a Radiant Jane Retreat as well, and we are eternally grateful for the props.

  5. Without doubt you’re incredibly open minded, brave, resourceful and you know and trust yourself-you’re open to seeing the world through that light. That gives us so much hope!

It’s the way you are that has inspired us to keep going and create these experiences!

I’m forever thankful for the incredible team of people helping Radiant Jane Retreats bring it all together including:

Stefanie O’Keefe–– My beloved Business Director! Stef has a gigantic heart and a calling to be the queen of organization. Stef ensures that our guests and customers are well taken care of long before they ever set foot in Italy. She’s also a beautiful writer and big picture thinker. From helping with travel arrangements pre- and post-tour to reassuring nervous travelers and getting excited right along with them, she is our go-to! I consider Stef a dear friend and hands down extraordinary asset to Radiant Jane Retreats. 

Alison Chino–– Copywriter, photographer and one of the most loving humans ever.  I met Alison years ago when she helped me write my new website. Since them she has become like my right arm. She edited my first book too! Alison attends retreats in Italy with me and takes gorgeous photos AND teaches yoga. Obviously she’s got crazy skills and has been working alongside me for many, many moons. 

Aly Wheeler––High tech guru, website designer and futurist. Because RJR is all run online we need lots of internet things to make it all flow,  and people that can make internet things behave. Aly creates seamless systems behind the scenes so that our guests can enjoy the simplest customer experience possible. Can’t do any of this without her. 

Teresa ThomasCreatrix of 50 Fun Things and Ambassador of Joy. Teresa Thomas was introduced to me a couple years ago and we’ve been sharing time mostly in Italy ever since. She is one of the most flexible, encouraging and insightful people I’ve ever met. Teresa just knows things. She is part of the RJR joy making team as she brings her engaging workshop to help people figure out how to create a life that feels like LOVE. 

Sarah AunaWhen it comes down to who is one of my favorite human beings, yoga teachers, and someone I want to be in community with Sarah is my long time person. She’s been with me through so many trips to Italy, big changes and is always steady and strong. I can always count on Sarah for her magnetic, healing heart. Big love for Sarah. 

Our Italy connections β€“– This year we’ve partnered with so many new talented and caring people on the ground in Italy. Whether it’s the amazing team at Fattoria Del Colle, Donatella herself!, the many drivers we use to safely transfer our precious cargo (YOU), all of the village people who help make our tours and food experiences so loving and intimate, we are deeply moved. It’s the care given at Fattoria that makes us go back again and again. Everyone who works there is compassionate and energetic, and truly care about the experience each and every guest has. We think of them as our little mother hens, always checking up on our clients, making sure they have everything they need, ensuring each and every one is comfortable and enjoying themselves. We are very careful about the people we choose to work with –– vibe, personality, character, attention to detail, and kindness are our main criteria, and these dear hearts are the best of the best. 

My husband and family––Here is where I get tons of inspo! My husband is there with me every damn day and he sees things I can’t see. I call him my third eye:) My daughter Ivy has one of those natural biz minds so we brainstorm tons of ideas. She’s my favorite muse. All of my other peoples within my family are HUGE supporters and cheerleaders. I am truly fortunate to have them alongside me and they keep me going on the daily. 

They are all my second heart. 

None of this means anything without YOU. 

Everything we do is because you are there to receive it. And that means the world to us. 

Wishing you a heartfelt, fantastic and loving Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the moments.

Much love,