You don’t have to earn your rest.

Dear one-

Thinking of you and how you are. 

It’s midsummer,¬†and I hope you can¬†make time¬†for¬†rest and pause.¬†I’m on my semi-annual social media pause for a month. Heaven.¬†

A story about rest and pause:

This week I received a¬†heartfelt¬†email from a yoga student I taught 20 years ago in Minneapolis! She gave me permission to share.¬†She wrote to me about¬†her emotional journey of moving to¬†South Africa, getting married, starting a new career and becoming very ill from a¬†food borne illness. She was quite ill for a long long time. During the worst of it she was able to do some gentle yoga, breathing and meditation. One day she was so sick she could hardly lift up her head. She suddenly heard my voice and remembered all of the classes I taught using¬†the theme of,¬†“you don’t need to earn your rest.”¬†

She said she kept hearing my voice guiding her for several days, and was literally going back in time, being in class with me mentally and spiritually. She referred to notes she had from a retreat she went on with me over a decade ago. Notes about self-compassion, slowing down and feeling the full measure of a day. 

In her worst moments of being ill she realized that she was pushing too hard and had been for years. She had an¬†awakening about how she¬†couldn’t get out of her head,¬†and her body was letting her know. The body always knows.¬†

The email went on and explained her years long¬†journey of healing, putting things back together and how she’s doing really well now. She wanted me to know that she wholeheartedly credits¬†the time spent with me in yoga¬†when I taught her about self-compassion and¬†inner awareness as the most¬†profound teachings she’s¬†ever received. She believes it’s those teachings and moments that¬†truly brought her back from the brink.¬†

I’m not sharing this to boast or get attention.¬†

My intention in sharing this experience is to support you and to help you remember how vitally important it is for you to engage in your own healing process. Every day. 

Whether it’s spending time resting more often, sitting quietly, going for walks, swimming, gardening, reading, talking to loved ones,¬†dancing, reflecting, practicing yoga, writing, laughing, cooking, drawing, traveling, creating, pausing, loving or any of the myriad ways you come up with.¬†

Give yourself to the experience of rest and healing.
We all heal every day.
It’s not up for debate.
All of us are healing.
It’s the reality of modern life and culture.¬†

Think of rest as a tool in your healing story. 

I suggest keeping a little rest diary. 
Every day you spend a few minutes writing about what happens when you rest. Do you feel lonely, great, agitated, joyful, exhausted, anxious, fulfilled? 
All of these emotions and more are welcome and OK. 

I’ll be back soon to share what I’m learning as I break from social media over the coming weeks.¬†

I love hearing from you. 
Write to me and let me know how the idea of more rest resonates. 
What is your relationship with rest?
Who taught you about rest?
What are your rest ambitions?

Much love,

PS. Join me in Italy?